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An IT report is a document that outlines the findings, conclusions, and recommendations resulting from an investigation or analysis of a specific IT-related issue or problem. The format of an IT report may vary depending on the purpose, audience, and content of the report, but there are certain elements that are commonly included in most IT reports.

The structure of an IT report typically includes the following components:

  1. Title page: This includes the title of the report, the author's name, and the date of submission.

  2. Executive summary: This is a brief overview of the main points and conclusions of the report. It should be written in plain language and be accessible to readers who may not be familiar with the technical details of the issue being addressed.

  3. Table of contents: This lists the main sections and subsections of the report, with corresponding page numbers.

  4. Introduction: This provides context for the report and explains the purpose, scope, and methodology of the investigation.

  5. Background: This section provides a summary of the relevant information and context that led to the need for the investigation.

  6. Analysis: This section presents the findings of the investigation in detail, including any data or evidence that was gathered.

  7. Conclusions: This section summarizes the main points of the analysis and presents the main conclusions that can be drawn from the investigation.

  8. Recommendations: This section proposes solutions or recommendations for addressing the issue or problem that was investigated.

  9. Appendices: This section includes any additional information or materials that are relevant to the report but not included in the main body of the document, such as charts, graphs, tables, or technical details.

An IT report should be written in a clear and concise manner, with appropriate headings and subheadings to organize the information. It should also be carefully proofread to ensure that it is free of errors and easy to understand.

Here is an example of an IT report format:

Title page:

IT Report: Analysis of Network Outages

Author: John Doe

Date: January 1, 2022

Executive summary:

This report presents the results of an investigation into the causes of network outages that have been occurring at XYZ Company over the past six months. The analysis revealed that the outages were primarily caused by outdated hardware and software, and inadequate network monitoring and maintenance. Based on these findings, we recommend upgrading the hardware and software, implementing a more robust network monitoring system, and establishing a regular maintenance schedule.

Table of contents:

I. Introduction

II. Background

III. Analysis

IV. Conclusions

V. Recommendations

VI. Appendices


The purpose of this report is to investigate the causes of the network outages that have been occurring at XYZ Company over the past six months, and to provide recommendations for addressing the issue. The scope of the investigation includes all aspects of the company's network infrastructure, including hardware, software, and maintenance practices. The methodology used for the investigation included analysis of network logs and performance data, interviews with IT staff, and review of relevant documentation.


XYZ Company has been experiencing intermittent network outages over the past six months, which have caused disruption to business operations and customer service. The IT department has been working to identify the causes of the outages and find solutions to prevent them from occurring in the future.


Our analysis revealed that the outages were primarily caused by outdated hardware and software, and inadequate network monitoring and maintenance. The company's routers and switches were more than five years old and running outdated firmware

50+ Report Samples, Format & Examples 2023

it report format sample

The simple and elegant style is perfect for a no-nonsense business like yours. There are even those that become specific to the company or organization that will require them. Duplicate more pages to create a longer report with more diagrams and charts according to your data. Download and edit this report template in Word. Use the provided photos in the placeholders or choose your unique visuals, either from your brand folder or the Duplicate pages to add more content, either text or visuals and make your report richer. Customize this report template and make it your own! Customize this report template and make it your own! Easily customize the color palette to match your brand and switch the fonts for your brand typography. Working together on a report will bring out more than if only one brain was on it.


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it report format sample

IT Project Management Dashboard Our third report template excellent for use as an IT department monthly report sample is an excellent asset when you need the right overview of your IT projects to supervise several activities at once. Nowadays, professionals expect businesses to offer remote working experiences and opportunities, so getting it right is critical to attracting and retaining the right recruits. Benefit from great IT reports today! Improve the efficiency, intelligence, and responsiveness of your information technology performance, and the rest will follow. To prevent future incidents, or at least mitigate their frequency, incident reports in Google Docs become absolutely necessary. It contains section headings and page numbers where each section begins. Keeping on top of trends will empower you to move with constant change while keeping every pocket of your IT strategy primed for success.


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it report format sample

To avoid wasting your resources or working with droves of data that could even harm your decision-making, you must make an effort to clean your raw information and omit all redundant insights or sources before consolidating anything into your report. Among the many documents required for this area of business is a 48. In this way, those readers who are only interested in a specific part of the report can skip right ahead to what they want. Delivering valuable and uncompromised IT help to your end-users will determine the success and ongoing performance of your entire IT ecosystem. Change the photographs to match your particular nonprofit by searching through our extensive image library.


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it report format sample

Keep an ongoing list of references and people you worked with during the work activity. Having an audit report can be useful for an official inspector doing an audit on a certain company. If the research has concluded, they may want to find a company to develop a product and introduce the concept to the marketplace. For example, one paragraph is enough for a social media report introduction while an entire page would be more suitable for an annual report. Similar to a One of the end goals in report writing is to make the right impression. With a modern take on report design, our Effects of Stress report has a good even mix of text content and data visualization. Following a standard report writing format is just what you need to create engaging, memorable reports.


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it report format sample

Then take advantage of Template 3: Promotional Campaign Report Financial reports visualize past performance and also promote more business. The title page can also be expected to be the first thing written by the person responsible for creating the report. This year, why not create one with this template and then use it as a base for the rest of the year. The outcomes of reporting are important and strategic decisions, and thus should not be based on false or failing information. Health is no laughing matter. Your next step is to get started with an outline.


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it report format sample

There are many types of reports โ€” sales reports, marketing reports, school reports, social media reports and more. Documents like a 49. Especially when deadlines are in question, and projects need to be delivered on time, automating as much as possible becomes critical. Annual Report Example 11. Make use of graphical images such as graphs, tables, and charts.



it report format sample

This category is all about monthly reports for those of you who need them. No matter how difficult a time you had, never state this in the report. Just as there are different types of reports, there are also different ways to deliver them. Customize the accent color by choosing your brand color and changing all elements simultaneously. Your Chance: We offer a 14-day free trial. Visit Report Sample Need to keep track of visits and their subsequent details? People with similar interests were assembled in one group and were told to report to the respective classes assigned to each group.


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it report format sample

Stick to the facts and data that support your report. Here, you can specify the subject industry, the type of services, the geographical coverage of the report, and the time frame covered by the report. Additionally, you can This template has all the makings of a memorable quarterly report. Click on the button above to personalize the retail marketing report. The symposium was highly informative and ended with a vote of thanks from the monitor of Class 12. When done, share your interactive report with a live link or download as a PDF. Looking to report daily interactions with a specific customer or collaborator, note it down here.